Open Arms Center

Located in Santa Ines, we serve over 100 families with a hot, nutritious lunch. The children and youth also receive Bible Classes.

Women's Group

 Thanks to donor support, we are able to offer a women’s group with coffee and refreshments.

Ministry Invitation

sharing an inspiring message locally and internationally


The Open Arms Center, located in Santa Ines (a village of San Josè Pinula, Guatemala), serves over 100 families with a comprehensive program that includes: a hot, nutritious lunch; Bible Clubs for women and children; educational support; medical assistance; and regular donations of clothing, shoes, hygiene products, and food staples.

Sadly, Guatemala holds some of the highest malnutrition rates in the Americas.  The children enrolled in the Open Arms Center come from low-income families who eat only one meal a day which often consists of beans and tortillas. Feeding them a hot lunch meets a desperate nutritional need in the community.

These same children and youth are also the recipients of other types of assistance throughout the year. They are given Birthday Bags filled with basic hygiene products, underclothes, and a small toy. For children who may have never had a birthday cake before in their lives, this is an exciting event they look forward to with much anticipation and is another way in which we confirm for them that their lives are celebrated.  We pray for them to live with a purpose fulfilling a divine destiny.

Most recently, an educational support program has been added to our center.  This program offers computer classes and provides homework stations with computers, printers, and internet access.  Students enrolled in our center receive school sponsorship once a year which includes new school shoes and school supplies.  In certain cases, tuition is paid for higher education.

We periodically give out clothing, shoes, and blankets. We help with medical needs as we can.

The self-sacrificing mothers of these children and youth used to bring them to the center and then wait patiently for dismissal. Now, thanks to donor support, we are able to offer a women’s group with coffee and refreshment (possibly the only lunch these women will receive that day). The women enjoy a time of crafts and Bible in which they are opening their hearts, learning to forgive and obtain emotional healing.  Through this group, many are coming to Christ and being given a foundation in the Word of God.

CrossCulture Jesus is also pleased to accept invitations to teach at schools, churches, Bible Schools, and Bible Study groups both locally and internationally as schedules permit.